"When I wear my rings, earrings, and necklaces from Leilani, I often have compliments and inquiries from strangers and friends about my jewelry. I’m thrilled to tell them about Leilani and the beautiful glass jewelry that she creates. For ten years, it has been a joy to wear her creations. Leilani makes custom pieces that are a perfect fit for my time and place in the world.
— Mari Beth Wilson, Seattle, WA


"I own several pieces of Leilani Jensen jewelry and, unlike much of the jewelry that I have bought over the years, they never seem to go out of style. I wear all of them often and the quality and beauty are always remarked on wherever I go. I highly recommend Leilani Jensen jewelry. Every piece really is a work of art."
— Winema Wilson Lanoue, Blacksburg, VA


"Outside of my wedding ring, there's no piece of jewelry that gets worn more often than my Leilani Jensen necklace (with my Leilani ring coming in a close second). It's hard to find jewelry that goes great with everything and is perfect for almost every occasion -- I'm thrilled that I happened upon Leilani's designs and plan to wear them for years to come.
— Tammy Weisberger, Everett, WA


"Several years ago, I was strolling through the Bellevue Arts Fair and, while I might slow my pace at some of the stalls, nothing was compelling. Then I saw some vivid colors that took my breath away. Bright orange, deep red, sky blue, olive green, chartreuse. I had to stop. Set in simple settings of silver, this was glass that looked like precious stones. Earrings, rings, pendants. . . so pure and simple and beautiful, I thought. I saw a ring with a large disk of solid orange and told the artist, Leilani Jensen, that it made me feel happy. On impulse, I bought it. A few weeks later, I got a similar one of deep red. Now I have the olive green ring, and just recently, purchased a sky blue one. I also have several pairs of earrings. I typically shop for clothes at Value Village and seek to be frugal, but jewelry made by Leilani is a special luxury I allow myself. Her pieces have soulfulness to them, as does she -- which you discover when you meet her in person."
— Margaret Bullitt, Seattle, WA

"I wear Leilani's jewelry pretty much daily. It works with everything because it's dressy but not stiff, richly colorful and evocative without being overpowering. I get compliments all the time on her pieces, people can't help but notice the gorgeous craftsmanship that goes into her work."

-Kristin Beck, Seattle ,WA